State Emergency Operations Center

State Emergency Operations Center

According to FEMA, all State’s Emergency Operations Centers(EOCs) are activated. State, territorial, tribal, and local government entities and certain private non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for Public Assistance under the emergency declaration. This assistance will require execution of a FEMA-State/Tribal/Territory Agreement, as appropriate, and execution of an applicable emergency plan. States, tribal and territorial governments do not need to request separate emergency declarations to receive FEMA assistance under this nationwide declaration.

For states, FEMA Regional Administrators will coordinate with Governors to execute a FEMA-State Agreement in support of COVID-19 response activities.

Local governments and other eligible public assistance applicants will need to apply through their respective state, tribal or territorial jurisdictions. Local officials should reach out to their state EOCs to provide an update on their needs and both current and anticipated activities

The Applicant may use its EOC to direct and coordinate resources and response activities for a period of time. Response activities conducted at EOCs are eligible provided they are associated with eligible work.Costs associated with operating the EOC are also eligible, including, but not limited to:·      
>Increased utility costs·          
>Costs to lease a facility·          
>Supply costs·          
>Meal costs


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