PA Regulations

Title 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations  (44 CFR) – Emergency  Management and Assistance – contains rules, policies and procedures that have  been issued by FEMA in the form of regulations that are applicable to, among  other things, the implementation and administration of Federal disaster  assistance programs by FEMA. Most of the regulations applicable to FEMA’s  disaster assistance programs are found in Part 206 of 44 CFR and those  applicable to the Public Assistance (PA) Program are contained in Subparts G,  H and I. The regulations set forth in Parts 9 (Floodplain Management and  Protection of the Wetlands), 10 (Environmental Considerations), 13 (“Common  Rule” of Grant Administration), and 14 (Administration of Grants: Audits of  State and Local Governments) of 44 CFR are also applicable to projects funded  under the PA Program.
   References:   Public Assistance Guide, FEMA 322, pages 7-8 and Appendices B and C


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